Growth and Security. tHE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.

Successful investing is not just about making as much as possible, but rather balancing the two opposing investment forces – growing and protecting your wealth. You see investors who ascribe to a buy-and-hold philosophy are missing out on one half of the equation – securing their wealth. Whether you are just starting out and searching for growth or in retirement and requiring security, the ideal investment approach must also address the very important element of security because over the long term you win more by losing less. Our investment philosophy and disciplined process provides the best of both worlds. Growth + Security

The Bay Area, independent, fee-only investment advisors of Financial Perspectives are experts in the financial markets. Armed with a combination of 3+ decades of investment experience, education, a surplus of degrees and credentials in combination with extensive historical market knowledge provides our clients an unequaled investment management advantage. We pride ourselves in being one of 1800 people worldwide who hold the prestigious CMT credential, true market experts.

In a nutshell here is our investment philosophy:

Growth - We utilize what is likely the most popular and profitable long-term investment strategy in all financial markets. We are not beholden to just stocks and bonds as we can take advantage of all markets in most any corner of the world. We fully understand our goal to grow your assets and knowing there is always a bull market somewhere drives our disciplined process. Markets move in 3 directions: up, down and sideways. Money can be made in up or down markets. It is our desire to avoid those that are directionless.

Security - Our primary goal is to protect your wealth as such we do not believe that buy and hold is an appropriate investment strategy … for anyone. Substantial losses like those experienced during the 2000 and 2008 corrections may be impossible to overcome and should be avoided at all costs. An example of how our strategy fared during these corrections can be seen here. We recognize cash is a position, and while you do not earn anything owning it, you do not lose either.  We are neither naive nor pollyannaish in our views of the world; we fully understand the effects that Wall Street, governments and those that control and influence the markets can have on investments and act accordingly to protect clients from this undue influence. ·

If you would like to learn more about our unique fee-only investment and holistic wealth management approach or a free portfolio review please give us a call or drop us an email. Or better yet, we'd love to personally meet with you in our centrally located East Bay Area office in Pleasanton, CA.