Raising Awareness for Better Retirement Security

Financial Perspectives supports the National Retirement Planning Coalition’s efforts to raise awareness about retirement planning. To celebrate locally, we will be promoting education for better retirement preparedness by hosting a series of workshops throughout the week.

From April 9 thru April 13, the following workshops will be held at 2400 Camino Ramon, Suite 158 (Bishop Ranch, Building 6). Each topic ties back to the day’s focus for National Retirement Planning Week. The workshops will start promptly at 11:30 am daily. Please see the scheduled agenda below for details.

***Please note that there will be limited space for each workshop, so RSVP as soon as possible. You must RSVP for each workshop separately.

Top 10 to dos for a secure retirement.png

april 9, 2018 - Retirement planning top 10

Has your retirement plan been put on the back shelf? Now is the time to jumpstart it by learning the 10 most important "to-do's" for a secure retirement.

Women and retirement.png

april 10, 2018 - women & retirement

Retirement planning seems a daunting task, and presents particular challenges for women. This workshop helps women identify those risk and empowers them to plan to overcome them.

Aging with Dignity.png

april 11, 2018 - Aging with dignity

For most, retirement happens in the latter part of life, when mental and physical health begins to decline. As such, a key to retirement security is planning for this eventuality. We discuss long-term care needs and estate planning solutions for retirees.

Making it last - retirement income savings and investing.png

April 12, 2018 - making your money last

Where will your retirement paycheck come from? How do you make sure your savings lasts for your lifetime? Discover solutions to these questions and more about retirement income planning in this workshop.

Odds in your favor - improving probability of retirement security.png

April 13, 2018 - the odds in your favor

Your retirement plan is a complex blueprint with many moving parts. Learn the keys to improving the odds of your retirement security as we wrap up National Retirement Planning Week.