A Worldwide Worry

If you’re worried about saving enough for retirement, you’ve got company all over the world. A new survey shows that even workers in countries with strong social safety nets fret over their financial futures. ING surveyed almost 15,000 people in Europe, the U.S., and Australia, and found the majority worry whether they’ll have enough money in retirement….

Love and Money

Maintaining a successful long-term relationship, and continuing to thrive over the long haul, is a team effort. Both partners have to be all in, both emotionally and logistically. This goes beyond divvying up household duties and co-parenting: one responsibility that's easy to forget about is balancing love and money by managing your joint finances. …

Adventure Awaits in a Healthy Retirement

Americans dream big about travel in retirement. Many see retirement as having unlimited vacation time, and they now have “time off” to take all those trips they put off during their working years. Yet many are unprepared financially to ensure their dreams come true….