In the face of the inevitable stock market corrections, studies show most investors find themselves making the necessary challenging decisions driven by emotions rather than a plan. Or, even worse, becoming paralyzed and avoid dealing with the problem completely. As you would expect, either of these actions can have a negative impact upon one’s wealth.

As data-driven investment advisors we recognize that a well thought out, proven strategy combined with discipline, market knowledge and perspective are keys for long-term wealth building. In response, we created our proprietary investment management system, Sightline. Sightline is immune to human emotions, driven solely by technical analysis with a goal to maximize returns by investing during bull markets and avoiding major market declines. In essence, it provides our wealth managers the course of action to deal with both normal market volatility and abnormal market declines.

One of the major benefits of Sightline is that, during the 50+ year back-tested period, it has tremendously outperformed a buy and hold strategy WHILE TAKING LESS risk.  How it does this is by moving out of the market and into cash when the system signals a sell order due to the potential for a major market decline. Other key benefits include:

o    When invested, it uses the broad US stock market, low cost, diversified SP500 index fund as its investment vehicle

o    It has been fine-tuned to balance minimizing the number of trades against maximization of capturing the majority of a market movement and as such it is ideally suited for those with:

o    A long term investment horizon

o    A need to grow their wealth

o    A desire to avoid large market declines

While losses are a normal part of investing, major declines can decimate wealth. The advantage of Sightline is that it offers an unemotional, mechanical decision to move to a safe harbor during periods of turmoil. And conversely, it provides exposure to the markets during periods of appreciation. Though no investment plan is fool-proof, Sightline delivers a strategy for investors to both grow and preserve their wealth.

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