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At Financial Perspectives, we do not repeat the Wall Street mantra of buy and hold. We know that long term investing success comes from being invested when the market rises but more importantly, avoiding major losses – the latter something buy and hold fails at.

Because markets rise on an escalator and fall on an elevator, your gains can be wiped out very quickly and at the worst possible time if you don’t have a plan.  To lessen the “elevator down” impact for our clients, we have spent years developing an investment process that has provided superior long term returns, not by taking more risk but rather less. Moreover, recognizing that the markets are subject to wild swings, the process is robust enough to thrive in any environment. 

We are a financial advisory firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area city of Pleasanton, CA. Our team has collectively over three decades of experience in investment management, retirement and financial planning. We build relationships through our comprehensive investment management and retirement planning services, so you have a partner that not only looks out for your best interests financially, but is there to make sure your plans are followed through.

As disciplined and researched students of the market we understand that increasing your wealth is done not just by growing it during good times but more importantly, protecting it during bad.  If you are looking for that personal touch with a transparent adviser who has the experience, knowledge and technical skills to successfully navigate any challenging investment setting the future may hold, please contact us to learn more or get a free, no obligation analysis of your portfolio.

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