What Would You Like Your Retirement to Look Like?

“Retirement” can be a scary word. Webster defines “retired” as: “withdrawn from one’s position or occupation: having concluded one’s working or professional career.” We used to believe that retirement was the time of life when we no longer had to set the alarm clock, since we didn’t have to rush out to work …

The Worries of One

For many older singles, there’s something far more pressing on their minds than putting a ring on it: financial security. People with a partner or spouse generally have someone helping out with expenses, as well as a built-in caregiver to lean on. For those who are single and childless, that lack of a default support system poses additional challenges as they age….

The Match Game

One major benefit of saving in a 401(k) over an IRA is getting an opportunity to snag free money in the form of an employer match. It's estimated that 92% of companies that sponsor a 401(k) also offer matching contributions to varying degrees, and if yours does the same, you have a real opportunity to boost your nest egg tremendously….