Planting or Pulling Up Stakes?

Deciding where to live in retirement is a big decision, especially because it may dramatically affect retirees’ cost of living, taxes, access to medical care and long-term care, connectivity with family and friends, and a myriad of other personal and financial considerations. It’s an important question that must be discussed as part of reviewing plans for retirement preparedness….

Cutting the Cord

Contrary to what you may think, this article is not about the pros and cons of leaving your cable company in favor of a la carte streaming services. Instead it deals with a more serious cord in need of cutting when it comes to your financial security: supporting your adult children….

Social Security 2100

No, the article title is not alluding to some new sci-fi based show about a robot claiming Social Security in the future. Instead, it refers to a surprising piece of legislation – The Social Security 2100 Act (surprising given the ongoing partisan divide in Congress). The bill …is aimed at solving one of the biggest issues facing the government and Americans: the funding shortage for Social Security….