Pros and Cons of Post-Retirement Work

As more baby boomers reach the typical retirement age in good health, the very notion of a “typical retirement age” is becoming harder to pin down. In fact, the percentage of those aged 65 and older in the workforce has grown by 117% over the last two decades, a trend that’s set to continue for the foreseeable future….

America’s Biggest Money Regrets

As crooner Frank Sinatra once said, “Regrets, I’ve had a few….” In Sinatra’s case, however, they were too few to mention, and inevitably he was satisfied that he had lived a life “his way.” If only all of us could live with Frank’s conviction. Unfortunately some decisions, especially those that have to deal with money, can often be decisions we look back on with regret….

Still Behind, But Improving

oday, American households headed by individuals between the ages of 35 and 64 are running $3.83 trillion short of the amount they need to safely carry them through their post-working life, according to new data by the Employee Benefit Research Institute. However, the last time EBRI ran the numbers, in 2014, those families were $4.44 trillion behind. So in a “glass half full” kind of way, that can be considered a significant improvement….

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is not Done with You Yet

You finally finished your taxes and are learning – for better or worse – the ins and outs of the new law. But wait, the law isn’t done with you. There’s another complication coming out later this year: The Internal Revenue Service is changing how you adjust your paycheck withholdings, and early indicators show it won’t be easy….