The Importance of 100

I’ve spoken ad nauseum about the importance of areas of support and resistance. Scanning my charts there is no better example than the $100 price level on the biotech sector ETF, IBB. The more times price touches a level, the more important that level is. As you would expect, when price is underneath the level, it acts as resistance and when its above, it acts as support.  

San ramon financial advisor and napfa cfp certified financial planner IBB -12-19-18.png

The reason I bring it to your attention is that (as of now) it appears as if price has broken below. If you were a holder of IBB, you should very seriously consider exiting your position as the higher probabilities are for price to continue lower. The target for the decline is down at 2016 lows near $80, some 20% lower than where we start the day. Of course, since our timeframe is based upon weekly closes (and its only Tuesday when I am actually writing this post), for this target to be validated, we would need to see a close below this level at week’s end and immediately followed by a confirmation close the following week.

When there is a very clear support/resistance level, it makes your investment plan very simple. When above be long, when below, sell or go short.