“Teck”nical Analysis

The chart of Teck Resources, TECK, is a great example of how one of the basic principles of technical analysis, support and resistance, works.  As you can see in TECK’s daily chart below, price attempted to break above the $25.5-$25.8 zone 4 times before it eventually broke out to the upside in December of last year. While it is referred to as resistance, it is really just referring to the fact that there is an abundance of shares available at the price that investors want to unload. Before prices can work higher, those shares need to be absorbed and be less than current demand.  The basics of TA are based upon simple supply and demand levels (like almost all markets).

San ramon fiduciary fee only retirement planning investment advisor - Teck - 2-14-18.png

Once price moves above the line it changes from resistance to support. Support is just another term used when speaking of demand. Notice how on the chart above price eventually broke above the resistance/support line, peaked, reversed course downward and then found support (demand) right at that same level where they originally broke out? This should not be a surprise as it is something that occurs regularly and why paying attention to these zones is critical. It is another great example of a back test of support. It also provides those that missed buying the original breakout another opportunity to get into the position. More importantly, investors in TECK now have an easy way to manage risk. If the stock fall should at a later date below this original resistance/support line, it would be your signal to exit the position. Not only does it make managing the position easier as it provides a framework and set of rules, it insures any loss because you are wrong, will be very small.

The fact TECK formed an inverse head and shoulders reversal pattern, has broken out and held above support suggests that if it plays out, the upside target is around $37, some 40% from the breakout level. With momentum in the bullish zone and price above a rising 200 day moving average, I find TECK a compelling investment opportunity. My only hesitation, a fundamental one that I must ignore, is if the upside target is to be met, oil prices will need to rise substantially from today’s levels. While this may occur, my read on the current oil market is that over-supply should be the problem for the near and foreseeable future.  As such, until demand picks up, prices should be well contained and may contain the rise in TECK.