An All Clear (intermediate term) Signal for Bonds?

The US 30 year long bond peaked in July of last year and the combination of FED threats of multiple (4) interest rate increases and the Trump pro-growth election agenda had the effect of a proverbial “rug pull” out from under US bond prices. In 9 months the T-bond lost 17% (a huge amount for a so called “safe” investment) and shocked many investors as losses piled up.

It seems like political reality has finally set in, and the expectations for a FED rate increase next month is now down to just above 4%. Combine that with the fact that smart money (commercial interest) piled into bonds and are now at multi-year highs in their Treasury bond holdings provides all the reasons why we see bond prices bottoming, reversing course and moving higher. Price broke out of a double bottom pattern earlier this week and was precluded by an oversold divergent low, a high probability “buy-me” signal.  The pattern will be confirmed by a hold above the red horizontal breakout level.

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If this pattern plays out, it projects to a rally up to the very important support/resistance zone marked T1. Coincidently (and should not come as a surprise) it comes at a time that retail bond investors turned overly bearish (a theme we see repeated over and over in investing – retail investors being on the wrong side of the trade).  As always after a major correction, investors patience will be tested as only time will tell if this reversal goes on to eventually form a lower high or instead on to make new highs. Until that is determined, it appears as if the market is giving the “all clear” signal to be long US T-bonds and because the institutions are buying again, at the same time their appetite for equities is weakening