Boeing - Time for Take Off?

Its been a rough few months for Boeing. Their handling of the 737- Max crashes have been a public relations nightmare. There is no doubt this will be in future B-school case studies for now NOT to handle a crisis situation. In the end, just throw a whole bunch of money at it, sweep it under the rug and move on. 

Looking at the chart of Boeing’s stock, BA, it appears as if investors have started to feel the storm clouds are clearing. You can see where price peaked just a few days before it gapped down on the news of the Ethiopian Airlines crash.  From there it bottomed mid-May losing ~25% peak to trough. It consolidated for a month before it broke out higher on a substantial buying spike, making its first higher high since the start of the March decline. From then price went back to retest the breakout level, forming its first higher low and is now attempting to make its second higher high, once again on high volume.

San ramon fiduciary fee only investment advisor CFP   - BA 7-22-19.png

A break higher here will confirm the end of the prior downtrend and providing an excellent low risk entry of a stock that has reversed its downtrend and begun a new uptrend.  With a first upside target at T1, 15% higher than Friday’s close, it offers a compelling reward to risk ratio for those who are looking for further exposure to US equities. With seasonality nearing a less interesting period of the summer doldrums, I would expect this requires an extra dose of patience for an upside target meet to materialize.