Blame it on the Millennials

The Millennial's get a bad rap for their adoration of avocados and so it should not be too much of a surprise when you look at the chart of “The First Name in Avocados”, CVGW. As you can see in the longer term view, the stock is up more than 350% over the past 5 years.  This rise has only been interrupted once when it broke its first uptrend line during the 2016-2017 consolidation. While there is negative divergence on RSI momentum, it is still above both its rising 200day moving average and second, long term uptrend. Remember, divergence doesn’t matter … until it does.

bay area CFP fee only investment advisor 8-15-18 CVGW2.png

On a shorter term time frame of the stock below, we see price has broken out above prior resistance and out of a bullish cup and handle continuation pattern. The upside target for this pattern is up around the $113 level. With the breakout occurring on large volume (bottom pane), it helps to confirm and validate the setup. From a risk management standpoint, I see no reason to hold on to the stock if it falls back below the breakout level. As such, with a $15+ reward and $3.5 risk (fall below breakout level), this exceeds our desired >3:1 reward to risk on individual stock opportunities   

san ramon CFP fee only investment advisor. - 8-15-18 CVGW.png

Peter Lynch was the best investor I know of who would watch for areas to invest in based upon strength in certain social behavior. And he had one of the best performance records … ever.  As it turns out in the spirit of Peter, internet memes appear to also be a great place to troll for investment ideas.