One Grande Non-Fat Cappuccino, Please!

Below is a 5 year weekly chart of Coffee.  After peaking in October last year the negative momentum divergence raised a warning flag a correction was likely.  From that point coffee fell almost 45% over the next 10 months.  During the last 6 months you can see it formed a bullish falling wedge pattern while creating positive momentum divergence. Last week coffee broke strongly out of the wedge higher confirming the move with very large volume (in bottom pane). While the last bottom in November of 2013 was V-shaped, I would not chase this here as I do not expect that to happen again. I would instead look for a higher low to be formed or a retest of that wedge breakout level. If investing in coffee beans is not for you, you had better go get your coffee "jones" filled at your local Starbucks before they raise prices again as the projected target for this breakout is 30%.

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