Teach Your Children Well

When it comes to retirement planning, most parents fail to realize that their children have a significant role to play on their “retirement team.” While addressing their kids’ needs is a core element of most parents’ financial plans, they tend to focus only on education costs and helping their kids achieve independence….

In Case of Emergency

Seeing the devastation wrought by the firestorms that engulfed areas of the North Bay in the last couple of days is a cautionary reminder to make sure that you are ready should the same thing happen to you. Moreover, and of particular interest to me, there are key things to do now on a financial front to prepare....

John and Jane Average

How much money does the average American earn? How much do they owe? And (since it’s the Tax Filing Deadline Day) how much do they pay in taxes? The Motley Fool has compiled a list of 10 statistics that answer these questions and many others, and give you a good snapshot of the average American's financial life....