Time For a New You?

Are you finding its hard to keep up with the ever changing world and it is passing you by?  The book, Reinvent Yourself by James Altucher provides some very poignant “take-aways” as he tells his reinvention story of how he handled the constant change and stress caused by our ever changing world. A few nuggets that hit home for me:

 “You are not just the average of the five people around you. You’re the average of the five habits you do, the things you eat, the ideas you have, the content you consume, etc.”

 “Many people die at 25 but are not put in the coffin until 75. The learning stopped for them early.”

 “If I want to sell an idea, if I want to convince, if I want someone to like to me, I have to figure out how to connect.”

 “It’s hard to be the greatest at any one endeavor, but by combining passions, it’s much easier to be the greatest in the world at the intersections of those passions.

“Not a single ounce of greatness in history ended with thoughts. It happened with hands. With actions.”

 “Money is a side effect of trying to help others: of trying to solve problems. So many people ask, “How do I get traffic?” That’s the wrong question. If you ask every day, “How did I help people today?” then you will have more traffic and money than you could have imagined.”

 “When people associate the worth of their lives with any one activity, it’s unhealthy.”

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice with the clear goal of getting better every day does. Some people say that they have 10 years of experience, but they have actually repeated their first year ten times.

 “There are only two types of decisions: decisions made out of fear and decisions made out of growth.”

 “I still don’t like to lose. I hate it. It’s the worst feeling. But I never let a good loss go to waste. The only way to learn is to study something you never knew before. Losses are the maps that point you to what you never knew before.”