I'm 95

Back on Sept 16, 2013, with major trepidation, I wrote my first blog post. As a member of a small worldwide community of exclusively trained Market Technicians (CMT), I wanted to get the word out and promote the craft. It seemed blogging was the simplest way to do it part time. While I can’t say it’s been a labor of love because I hate writing and it doesn’t come easy, ultimately I do hope it has helped readers. But because I struggle so with each and every post I often question whether it’s worth the hassle. I received something pretty cool over the weekend which gives me a whole lot of motivation to continue forward. My blog has been awarded one of the top 100 investment blogs for investors on the planet (http://blog.feedspot.com/investment_blogs/).

Ok, ok, so I am only #95 (it gives me something to shoot for) but I have to admit the recognition was a huge surprise and an honor to be mentioned among so many other bloggers I follow and respect. 

Thanks Feedspot.com for the recognition.