Investing in Love

As a basic human need, investing in love seems like it would have great possibilities. No matter your age, gender or preferences everyone, at some point or another in their life (sometimes more than once) is “available’ and looking for love.  Technological advances make it so much easier now to meet people and avoid the “bar scene”., MTCH, is one of those that seems to have caught hold … well, at least the stock has.

Since its IPO in late 2015, MTCH is up more than 300%. As you can see in its chart below, it peaked in Sept of last year, fell more than 40% and has sense come roaring back. Most recent price action has seen the stock breakout from a cup and handle pattern, pointing to a much higher price target above.

san ramon fee only certified financial planner mtch 4-29-19.png

It would not be unexpected if MTCH were to back-test the breakout level (rim of the cup) before resuming its climb higher. Those that missed the breakout can look for a great, low risk entry if this were to occur as the risk could be $2 or less with an upside of more than $20, provide a fantastic 10:1 reward to risk opportunity.