Let’s Get Takeout

Over the years some dining stocks have provided stellar long term returns. For example, McDonalds (in red) and Wendy’s have returned ~1500% and ~1400% respectively over the past 24 years as you can see in the chart below.  I do have to admit the last time I ate at either establishment I was in college and made a friend a bet I could eat a McDonalds regular hamburger in one bite.  Yah, I won the bet and have never returned. Not because the whole ordeal left a bad taste in my mouth (pun intended) but rather, I became much pickier about what I eat and unfortunately for me neither of these make the cut.

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When I look at its chart I wonder why it has done so well. Is it because of great management? Worldwide expansion? Or their apple pies? The chart below likely tells a significant part of the story.

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Does anyone think this trend will be changing any time soon? Me neither. As such it’s important to remember that finding those long term trends and riding them can be a very profitable investment strategy.