This One’s for Bruce!

One of my dear clients who had a personality that had its own zip code (and sadly is no longer with us) used to call me up regularly and remind me there was a ton of money to be made in “sinner” stocks and to make sure he owned a lot. To him, “sinner” stocks were those companies providing “booze”, “gambling” and “cigarettes”. He also mentioned “prostitution” but I never had any luck finding a public company to fit that bill for him.

Today’s post is about a Melco Resorts and Entertainment, MLCO one of Asia’s biggest gambling/entertainment companies serving Hong Kong, Macao and the Philippines.  As you can see in the chart below, after forming a double top with divergent momentum back in early 2014, its stock was relegated to the unloved investment bin by traders as it fell more than 70% (peak to trough) over the next two years. But since that time it has had a chance to form a very nice, wide base indicating a relief in selling pressure. Price is now above a rising 200 day moving average and sits just under a major resistance zone, while momentum is in the bullish zone.  IF this breaks out to the upside, it looks as if it could have a long way to run, assuming the broader market cooperates. I have some reservation as It is very extended from its 200 day moving average and as such I would love to see it pullback/consolidate soon. The fact price sits just under a major resistance zone makes this a logical place for it to rest. Either way, I find this a compelling opportunity and would be looking to enter it on a “confirmed” move above major resistance.

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If you are particular in the types of investments you own, “sinner” stocks like MLCO may not pass the screen.  If not, this one’s for you Bruce (R.I.P).