Two by Four

I went to my local hardware store over the weekend to pick up some lumber to finish off a task I was doing in the backyard and was caught completely by surprise. Granted it has been a year or two since I last had any need to buy a 2x4 but WOW. Of course, I had to come home, jump on the computer and look at the chart of the of lumber. It’s all so clear now.

 As you can see in the chart below, the spot price of lumber has been in a steady uptrend since its intermediate term bottom in Sept of 2015. Since that time, it has risen almost 170% (~2.5 years) and the most recent touch of the trend line support it has risen parabolically.  We know what happens to parabolic rises (they eventually fall back to earth and typically much faster than they rose), we just don’t know when. 

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From the chart, lumber looks as it has more upside. Buyers are in control (as is noticeable in the bottom volume pane) and the strength of its rise (RSI momentum in upper pane) is expanding with no divergence in place. Because lumber can be a good proxy for the strength of the economy, its price can provide an early warning sign for the possibility of a slowdown as such it is garners further scrutiny..