Aging with Dignity

As we age, living comfortably and with peace of mind takes planning. Good health may be challenged by periods of infirmity. Maintain control over your life by preparing for the life events that commonly occur as we age. Here is just a sampling of issues that need to be addressed if we wish to “age with dignity.” Develop well-thought-out answers to the questions below to ensure you have the quality of life you have always envisioned.

  • What happens when a loved one exhibits diminished mental capacity?
  • What are the best options for housing that provide comfort, safety and care?
  • Do you have all your legal and financial documents in place?
  • Have you communicated to your children what they need to know to be supportive in meeting your wishes?

Physical limitations, psychological impairment, chronic illness or a catastrophic health crisis may reshape the future you have envisioned. If you have children, have a family meeting to share your hopes and goals with them. The more communication you have with them, the greater the likelihood you will live comfortably and according to your wishes later in life.